- Great Find -

I’ve been in the market for a 35mm film SLR for years now, ever since using my Uncles Pentax K1000 when I very first started photography as that camera was a loan I had to return it. Today I was walking through town after work and popped into a few charity shops on the way home, as I like browsing for old/unique frames, books and camera equipment.

After not having much luck I asked the women behind the counter if she ever gets any old camera equipment brought in and sure enough she disappeared out back and returned with a box full of old point and shoot cameras, lenses, binoculars etc. At the bottom of the box I fished out an old leather SLR case and to my delight inside was a Canon AE-1 Program with a Canon 50mm 1.8 attached!

I gave the camera a quick check over; the viewfinder was clean, lens was spotless with no mould/fungus. Inside there wasn’t a single blemish (looks like new), so the previous owner had definitely taken care of the old boy. The only thing that concerned me was that the film advance would not budge but I decided to bite the bullet and buy it for only £20. 

I did a bit of research online once I got home and found out that the problem may be that it didn’t have a battery so I’ll be picking up a new battery tomorrow and fingers crossed thats all it’ll need to give it some life. It’s certainly worth asking if you are browsing any charity shops as you never know what you might find hidden away.

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