- Men’s Fashion -

Last Sunday I shot a series of photographs for menswear designer Carl James. It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t have asked for a better location. An immaculately decorated period home (coincidentally owned by the two models), where each room was like walking onto a different movie set. It was perfect for fashion and portraiture. 

It was a delight to photograph timeless pieces, tailored to perfection and made right here in the UK.

- Free Lensing -

As it was my day off, I thought I would take the opportunity to do a bit of experimenting with Free Lensing. It is something that I have briefly encountered before but never really used myself, until today. It’s quite a challenging technique to master and I definitely need to put in more practice but I was fairly happy with my results from this afternoon.

It is one of those techniques that I think I would use sparingly because personally I think that it can be over used. The one thing I did find quite useful was using the live view on my D800. I found that being able to see the image in a larger format helped with the somewhat difficult task of focusing.

Here’s a couple of my favorites from my first proper venture into free lensing. And thank you to my Fiancee for modelling (and Arya who didn’t have a choice) .

- Portable Lighting Set-Up -

Lately I have been looking into using a more portable lighting set up as most of the shoots I do are on location. I decided to try out my Nissin speedlite that has been packed away and not been used in years. I wanted something light weight, fast to set up and easy to transport to jobs. I’ve taken some test images of my infant son Eireann to get a feel for it.

After the test shoot I am very pleased with the results and am now looking into other lighting modifiers that work well speedlite photography as this is a new area of lighting for me. I’ll be blogging more in the future about this area of lighting set-up.  


- Nikon D800, 50mm Lens, Nissin Di866, Twin Link Wireless Receiver, Lighting Stand, Flashgun Adapter and an Umbrella.  

- Back Into The Fray -

It seems as if it were a lifetime ago since I last blogged (just over a year in fact). It was then that my partner Emma and I were hit with some devastating news during what should have been a happy time in our lives.

It paused the plans I had for my photography and I lost the spark. But now a year on we are extremely happy! We are both in good health, have great friends and family around us, and most importantly we have a 3month old son who we both adore. I have never felt love for anything as I do for our little man Eireann David Ryan Jones! He has made Emma and I the happiest people in the world!


So on that note I have decided it was about time I got back to shooting. I have a few ideas and plans in the pipeline for this year and can’t wait to get back into the fray!

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