- Derby Night Market -

Last night my Fiancee Em and I made a spontaneous visit to the Derby Night Fair it was great to get out and do something a bit different. The fair was full of outdoor and indoor stalls selling a variety of handmade crafts, clothing, accessories and food! We flitted about the different vendors for a while then had to get out of the cold and get something substantial to eat including a few drinks to warm up from the chilly night before braving the cold again and heading home. 

I took my workhorse with me (D800) and shot entirely in black and white really happy with the results and Em even managed to get a few shots of me which is a rare occurrence.   

- A Wedding in Scotland -

Earlier this month I travelled to Edinburgh to photograph a friends wedding. During the long journey up I managed to snap a few images of the stunning Scottish landscape. I’ve visited Scotland before for photography and everywhere you look there are photographic opportunities the country is beautiful, rolling hills, mountains, architecture it seems to have everything!

When it came to shooting the wedding I was nervous, its been a while since I photographed a wedding ceremony but this one I was particularly on edge due to having to video the ceremony too which I had never done before so the pressure was on! But as soon as it began I relaxed and everything went smoothly I got some great shots and the video didn’t come out too bad either.

- Ilkeston Fair -

It has been a while since I attended a ‘proper’ british fair with rides, burgers, hotdogs, candy floss, hook a duck and garish neon lights and questionable rides which all adds to the charm! 

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with great company definitely going to be revisiting next year!

- Dads 60th -

On the 3rd of October we celebrated a big birthday of my Dads The Big 6 - 0! Had a amazing time met a lot of new faces and caught up with some familiar ones. Shropshire is a beautiful place and Newport a beautiful farming town (Definitely the kind of place I would love to settle down) we started off in the local pub which was my kind of place, real ales, real food and real people the kind of establishment that felt homely and a gorgeous pub garden complete with chickens. 

In the evening when the party began we feasted on a hog roast which had been slowly cooking away for for 8 hours accompanied by homemade bread rolls, stuffing and apple sauce picked from the butchers own apple tree… Oh my god! never tasted anything like it! it was out of this world! Ate like a king.

Later there was good music, conversation and laughs and more of our fare share of merry making with an abundance of ales, ciders, beers and whiskey. 

It was great seeing an celebrating with the old man :) 

Happy birthday Dad!

- Designed By Me Printing -

Last week I photographed some new clothing designs by Sandra Rushton who runs designedbymeprinting.co.uk she hand draws all of the designs on her clothing so every piece she creates are unique and tailored to the client, definitely worth checking out her work! I had the chance to photograph a few of her new pieces which were modelled by a couple of friends of mine. It was very low key, fun and relaxed I had a great time shooting, I’m looking forward to collaborating with Sandra again in the future! :)

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