- Off To Market -

This week I thought I’d have a wonder into town and have nosey around the markets. Those of you who know me know I love my food! And one of my favourite things to do is go around looking at the different fresh food, fruit and veg; its something I find relaxing… trying new recipes and tasting different foods, and all the better if the food has a bit of spice and a kick! :) 

- Video experimentation with Arya -

As I finished work early and it was such a nice day I thought that I would get the camera out and try out the video function on my D800, I’ve had the camera for over a year now but have stuck to my still imagery, as I did experiment with video in college and didn’t really enjoy the process.. as I do with static photography.

So as I got out my camera Ayra, the youngest of our feline family members decided to get comfy on the bed and I just started filming :) I only have a short clip but this is just a small step out of the door with a technique which I want to get more accustom too.

Hope you like it and I’m sure we’d agree that she definitely doesn’t mind being in front of the camera.

- Online store now open!! -

I have just opened my online print store on my website prices and sizes are now available! There will be plenty more images come soon and regularly, so watch this space. If any of you are interested in any of the photographs available at the moment follow the instructions on the ordering page and I’ll get your prints sent to you :) 

I have made it really easy for you to order what you want just by email and PayPal!  

Hope to hear from you and really looking forward to sharing my work! 

- New Surroundings -

Back in February my now Finceé and I moved house to Chester Green in Derby and a few weeks ago we went out on a rare gorgeous day (if you live in the UK you know how rarely we get to see the Sun) to explore our new surroundings and enjoy the rare occasion of actually having time off work together. We decided to relax and take a look around Darley Abbey.

Below are a selection of photographs which I took that day. I’m working on setting up an online store either on my website or via Etsy to sell prints of the shots I take on these little ventures and I’ll update you when they are available. If any of you lovely people are interested in purchasing any of my photographs please feel free to contact me :) 

- Biting The Bullet -

Hi people of the Internet! 

I thought it was about time I started a legit blog on my site. I have put this off for quite a while due to the fact I’m not very good at talking about myself let alone writing in general, as its one of those things in life I’ve always struggled with throughout my education and day to day routines. I think this is why I have always enjoyed and excelled at the creative aspects of my schooling; I loved drawing as a child which led to me taking up art in school. It was at secondary school that my art teacher first gave me a camera and I knew straight away that thats how I wanted to continue creating imagery :) 

Anyway enough of that….

I want to fill this blog with my passions, interests and obviously photography, but also art, illustration and what I’m up to. As you will probably guess, this will mainly consist of random inspiration ventures and deviations into different subject areas of photography. So basically, all the people who know me (and people who don’t) can see what makes me tick, what I get up to and follow me through the lenses of my camera and into my creative process.

I’m going to try and post at least once a week and I promise to try and keep it interesting. :)

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