- Portable Lighting Set-Up -

Lately I have been looking into using a more portable lighting set up as most of the shoots I do are on location. I decided to try out my Nissin speedlite that has been packed away and not been used in years. I wanted something light weight, fast to set up and easy to transport to jobs. I’ve taken some test images of my infant son Eireann to get a feel for it.

After the test shoot I am very pleased with the results and am now looking into other lighting modifiers that work well speedlite photography as this is a new area of lighting for me. I’ll be blogging more in the future about this area of lighting set-up.  


- Nikon D800, 50mm Lens, Nissin Di866, Twin Link Wireless Receiver, Lighting Stand, Flashgun Adapter and an Umbrella.  

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